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Largest build area available on the market


EOS P770 3D printer n°4 has arrived!

A machine that promises to increase our production capacity even more, further reducing delivery times!

The EOS P770 is an SLS 3D printer with powder bed sintering technology and two laser system, designed to be used in industrial processes, where it improves production efficiency and reduces the delivery time of printed parts.

The EOS P770 also has a large printing chamber, which allows producing large monolithic parts up to 700 mm x 380 mm x 380 mm. In addition, the printer is equipped with an automatic temperature control system of the printing chamber, which allows for better print quality.

 Its high speed helps us simplify our operations, allowing us to meet deadlines and deliver high quality products.

The arrival of a new EOS P770 3D printer is an important new step for our company!


SLS Materials

The printer can work with a wide range of polymer materials, such as PA (polyamide), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and PA 603 CF ( carbon filled). 

PA 2200


PA 603 CF


PA2210 FR



TPU Black/White

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Certifications: The journey towards excellence and responsibility

Certifications: The journey towards excellence and responsibility

Our corporate certification journey reflects a tangible commitment to high-quality standards and responsibility. From the foundational ISO 9001 to environmental sustainability with ISO 14001, we are now heading towards IATF and Tisax certifications to embrace global regulations in the automotive industry and enhance cybersecurity. Each certification is more than a seal on a document; it is a promise to build an excellent, conscious organization ready to face future challenges with determination.

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