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From prototype to the finished part

From 1 to 1 million parts.

3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, and Injection Molding.

We are able to follow the life cycle of each product from prototyping to large volume production thanks to the vast production capacity of the Prototal Industries Group.


As your partner

The strength of the Prosilas team lies in its constant pursuit of excellence through ongoing training and the determination of its operators.

Our commitment enables the company to deliver a superior quality service:

the best technology, the finest materials, and tailor-made solutions for your projects.

Prosilas and its team stand out in guiding clients towards production optimization, providing professional and specialized support to achieve innovative goals and strategies.


With Additive and Traditional Tecnhologies

Prosilas is the ideal partner to evolve traditional manufacturing in additive production, thanks to its technologies and production capabilities.

Nowadays, Additive manufacturing technologies are the most efficient and sustainable choice for dealing with series and pre-series production. For large print volumes we rely on traditional technologies thanks to the vast fleet of machines for vacuum casting and injection molding.

High volumes

High-volume production with injection moulding.

Low/Medium volumes

Low and medium volume production through additive technologies.


Rapid Prototyping

With additive techologies

Prototyping is one of the key parts of product development. Traditionally it is a phase that requires high costs and long delivery times.

Rapid prototyping, on the other hand, allows companies to quickly transform the ideas of designers and engineers into proof-of-concepts that are as realistic, scaled and functional as the final products.

The prototype is made using additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing, which allows you to create objects with complex geometry and excellent aesthetic results.

Prosilas, a European leader in the sector, offers the Rapid Prototyping service and supports its customers through certified technologies, tests and processes.



  • Evaluate the aesthetical aspect
  • Optimize geometries
  • Improve production cycles
  • Evaluate functional aspects
  • Improve the technical characteristics of the products
  • Evaluate and optimize production times and costs

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Prosilas Staff will respond quickly by sending a detailed quote with costs and delivery times.


3D Scan / Reverse Engineering

Prosilas provides metrological reports and reverse engineering services using a Gom Atos 5 scanner.

The scanner allows for the analysis of parts and the functions of the element with extremely high precision. Additionally, it enables metrological control and the creation of an exact 3D representation.

Reverse engineering allows manufacturers to analyze the design of the part, with the goal of replicating it, making modifications, or improvements.

With reverse engineering it’s possible

  • Reconstruct a file 3D of the scanned object, with a high precision;
  • Compare the product with the designer’s concept, highlighting the differences;
  • Have accurate dimensional control;
  • Have certified compliance reports on parts produced with other technologies;
  • Create or rebuild a 3D file.



Start a project

Prosilas Staff will respond quickly by sending a detailed quote with costs and delivery times.


Best choice of materials

Prosilas dedicates a constant commitment and great attention to technological development and to the achievement of its customers’ specific requirements, also reccomending the right material to achieve customers objectives.

Powders & Printers

Integrated Process Chain Management – MQS

Prosilas manages the mixing of the powders through the MQS system (miscellaneous quality standard) and our machines are also powered by the Eos IPCM Plus (Integrated Process Chain Management) in order to keep the production repeatable and to guarantee quality standards.

The workflow is managed by an order and production tracking software.

Case Study

Prosilas Blend for medical applications

Polycraprolactone + Hydroxyapatite

allows to develope absorbable printed parts with stem cell cultures: tissue enginerrieng, bones, fillings, special medicaments, rigeneration tissues.

  • Policaprolactone is a biocompatibile polymer that can be absorbed by the human body. A revolutionary material for application in the medical field.
  • Hydroxyapatite is a material that has the function of increasing cell production and facilitating the resorption of the printed parts.

Post Process

treatments for aesthetic and functional improvements

We customize post-production treatments according to technical and aesthetic needs. Automated finishes (vapor smoothing and coloring) as well as manual processes are employed to meet the project’s specific specifications.

Automated Coloring with DyeMansion DM60

The color penetrates inside the piece for a few tenths of a millimeter. It does not alter the part dimensionally.


  • Wide choice of colors
  • It can also penetrate into the hollow parts of the piece
  • Scratch resistant
  • Does not affect the original dimensions of a part
  • Does not change the geometry and details


Vapor Smoothing

Treatment of the SLS part with chemical vapor:


  • Waterproofing
  • Makes the part washable
  • Smooth surface
  • Compatibile with food contact
  • Facilitates the flow of fluids (possibility of internal treatment, pipes and tanks)
  • Reduces the proliferation of germs and fungi (food and medical applications)
  • It leaves no residue

Finishing manuali


  • Waterproofing for liquids & vapors
  • Metal Insert-Helicoil
  • Metal Plating
  • Fuel Resistant Treatment
  • UV Resistant Treatment
  • Painting
  • Micro shot peening
  • Surface Race Finish