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High-Temperature Resistant Resin

3D SLA Printing Material

The high-temperature-resistant resin is an advanced solution for stereolithographic 3D printing, designed to ensure reliable performance in high-temperature environments.

Grazie alla sua capacità di resistere alle alte temperature, questa resina offre una soluzione affidabile per la produzione di modelli complessi e la realizzazione di stampi che richiedono resistenza termica.

What is it?

High-temperature-resistant resin is an advanced material designed for use in 3D stereolithographic printers.

This resin provides high thermal resistance, allowing the creation of robust and durable models in environments subjected to high temperatures


This resin exhibits a range of features that make it an excellent choice for prototyping or manufacturing components exposed to high temperatures:


  • Smooth Surfaces: The resin ensures smooth and aesthetically high-quality surfaces in printed models.
  • High Accuracy: Thanks to its advanced formulation, it provides detailed and precise reproduction of complex models.
  • High Resolution: Allows for printing models with extraordinarily high resolution, capturing intricate details with precision.


The high-temperature-resistant resin is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Rubber Molds: Ideal for creating rubber molds used in the production of jewelry models, fashion accessories, and industrial parts.

Liquid Silicones and Vulcanized Rubber: Used for making rubber molds using liquid silicones and vulcanized rubber at temperatures ranging from 180-200°C.

Thanks to its characteristics, this resin provides a reliable solution for the production of complex models and the creation of molds that require thermal resistance. The ability to easily remove models from molds and break models to facilitate challenging cuts makes this resin a versatile and functional choice.

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