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PA2200, SLS Material for 3D printing

The PA2200, also known as polyamide or Nylon, represents a class of versatile and advanced polymers widely used in 3D printing.

This material is particularly renowned for its flexibility and adaptability in various sectors, thanks to its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties.

PA2200 (nylon) utilizzata come materiale di produzione nella stampa 3D, in particolare nella tecnica di stampa SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).


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What is pa2200?

The PA2200 is a form of polyamide, commonly identified as Nylon. Widely used in a variety of industrial contexts and applications, the PA2200 stands out as a versatile material due to its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties.

Its characteristics are enhanced by the ability to 3D print using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, allowing for the production of applications, prototypes, or entire production batches.

It adheres to rigorous biocompatibility standards, complying with EN ISO 10993-1, USP / Level VI / 121 °C, and approved for contact with food according to the EU Directive 2002/72/EC on plastics.


The PA2200 has several key characteristics that make it a remarkable material in additive manufacturing:


  • High Resolution and Selectivity: Notable detail resolution and high selectivity make it ideal for precision in creating parts.
  • Strength and Rigidity: Sintered parts in PA2200 exhibit an excellent combination of strength and rigidity, ensuring mechanical robustness and adaptability.
  • Chemical Resistance: The material provides good resistance to chemical agents, broadening its potential applications in various industrial contexts.
  • Biocompatibility: Approved for use in medical devices and other applications requiring biocompatible materials, such as orthopedic components.


The PA2200 is employed across a wide range of industrial sectors, thanks to its excellent properties:

  • Industrial Prototyping: Ideal for rapid prototyping and aesthetic and functional testing, accelerating the development process of new products, as seen in industrial and automotive sectors.
  • Industrial Components and Medical Devices: Used in the production of components for industrial machinery, customized flow meters, orthopedic devices, and other medical devices, including spare parts for the aftermarket.
  • Automotive Industry: Replacement parts, grippers, tanks, covers, and other components requiring high mechanical properties benefit from the use of PA2200 in the automotive industry.
  • Mass Production: The versatility of PA2200 in SLS printing makes it an excellent choice for mass production of functional parts, eliminating the need for expensive molds.


The sintered parts in this material allow for the application of various finishes, including priming, metallization, spray painting, milling, dip coloring, and waterproofing through a specific vapor smoothing treatment.

PA2200 (nylon) utilizzata come materiale di produzione nella stampa 3D, in particolare nella tecnica di stampa SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).


Raw material

Pa2200 con il fondo pronto verniciatura. La superficie della parte è preparata per essere verniciata.

PA2200 with Primer

This treatment makes the surface of the part smooth and uniform, preparing the
part for a possible painting phase.

Pa2200 con una finitura simil metallo per rendere i prototipi sempre più verosimili e per parti estetiche.

PA2200 Metal-like

Simulates the aesthetics of a metal part made by casting. Useful for demos of
engine blocks, ECU bodies or accessories from the furniture world.


PA2200 stampata in 3D e verniciata secondo le richieste del cliente di tutti i colori RAL

PA2200 Painted

We can paint the part according to the specifications provided by the customer
(type of finish and RAL)

PA2200 stampata in 3D e verniciata secondo le richieste del cliente di tutti i colori RAL

PA2200 Primer + Paint

This treatment consists of two stages: first the primer is applied, which makes the surface of the part smooth, and then it is varnished according to the customer’s specifications.

il pa2200 può subire trattamenti di finitura come ad esempio la colorazione ad immersione automatizzata.

PA2200 Colored

Colouring is an automated treatment. The colour penetrates a few tenths of a millimetre. It does not alter the part dimensionally.

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