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Prototal Industries

One part to a million


Welcome to Prototal Industries, Europe’s largest provider of production in polymer within additive manufacturing, injection molding, vacuum casting & associated aluminum tools.

With facilities in Austria, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden & United Kingdom you can take advantage of a distributed network of manufacturing facilities and still maintaining short delivery times, regardless of your business needs and locations.

As your production partner, we will move seamlessly from your first prototype to a full-scale production. We will cover your product life cycles, providing you with a reliable supply chain, valuable consulting, and optimal products for the benefit of your customers.

This is also why we can confidently say that we will journey with you from your first 3D printed part to a million injection molded products, while still aspiring for zero emissions in 2030.




Quick, sustainable and reliable.

Journey from one part to one million

At Prototal Industries, we work in a rapidly changing, technologically intensive sector, where a lot of interesting things are happening right now. We stand as a robust alternative, backed by expertise and resilience, both in sustainability and production prowess.


As a guiding vision, we strive to be the most flexible and competent partner in the manufacture of polymer components. Aligned with this, our mission is resolute: to empower our customers with heightened competitive advantages. We achieve this by reducing time-to-market, facilitating new technologies and concurrently curbing carbon footprints.

Jan Löfving, CEO Prototal Industries

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Across Europe, we offer our customers expertise in material selection and optimal manufacturing methods tailored to your business and product needs

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Additive Manufacturing , Injection Moulding , Vacuum casting, Alumiunium Tooling


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Sustainability at Prototal

We are aiming to set the industry standard in sustainability by providing future-proof solutions that creates a positive impact for our customers, society and our planet.

Through innovation, we aim to become part of a 100 percent circular value chain. We believe that sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but a curial driver of business success.



With our EN 9100:2018, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485:2016 certifications, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality. These internationally recognized certifications validate our adherence to stringent quality management systems and ensure that our customers can have full confidence in our ability to deliver reliable, high-quality products.