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Peek, a revolutionary SLS material

A high-performance polymer, it represents a milestone in the realm of SLS 3D printing, propelling the use of plastic materials towards new frontiers in precision manufacturing and engineering industries.

What is PEEK ?


    PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic belonging to the family of polyaryl ether ketones (PAEK). Its molecular composition provides the material with exceptional thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties.

    It’s recognized for its ability to withstand high temperatures without compromising its structural performance, as well as offering significant resistance to aggressive chemical agents.

    Parts created through the laser sintering technique exhibit notable tensile strength of up to 95 MPa and an E modulus up to 4400 MPa, considering a reduced value along the production direction (Z-axis).



      The distinctive characteristics of PEEK include exceptional thermal performance, making it suitable for high-temperature operating conditions.

      It also exhibits significant mechanical strength, maintaining its structural integrity even under demanding loads.

      Its chemical resistance makes it suitable for withstanding corrosive substances and aggressive environments, while its dimensional stability adapts well to temperature variations and environmental stress.


      In the realm of 3D printing, PEEK is employed across sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medicine, and prototype manufacturing. Its exceptional properties make this material ideal for creating high-performance and highly resistant components.

      In medical applications, its properties render it an excellent alternative to stainless steel and titanium due to its biocompatibility.

      In aerospace and motorsport, where lightweight and fire resistance are crucial, PEEK is used for components subjected to mechanical and thermal stress (gaskets, gears, structural components, engines, and systems).

      Thanks to its versatility, PEEK has established itself as a suitable material for replacing metals.

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