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Transparent Resin

Material for Laser Stereolithography

3D printing has opened new horizons in the field of prototyping and object production, with advanced materials playing a key role.

Transparent resin provides unlimited opportunities for the creation of detailed and high-quality projects.

PA220o materiale di stampa 3D con la tecnologia SLS.

What is Transparent Resin?

It is a photosensitive material designed for stereolithographic 3D printers. Unlike other materials, its uniqueness lies in the ability to create objects that maintain unmatched crystal clarity and transparency.

This resin has been developed to meet specific needs, delivering stunning and detailed results.



The transparent resin possesses several distinctive characteristics that make it an appreciable option in 3D printing.

Its smooth surface, complete resistance to yellowing over time, and the option to be colored place it among the most versatile materials.

The special formula used in this type of resin counteracts yellowing over time, ensuring that models remain sharp and transparent over the course of time.

The high resolution and precision offered by transparent resin make it suitable for both thin and thick models. This versatility opens the door to a wide range of applications, making it ideal for projects that require clarity and high detail.


This SLA material finds application in a variety of sectors, from the automotive industry to the production of displays and headlights. Its versatility is particularly evident in automotive components, such as headlights and taillight components, as well as in interior details like knobs and switches. Additionally, it proves ideal for creating high-end liquid containers, ensuring clarity and precision.

In the medical field, specific variants of transparent resin are suitable for the production of anatomical models and transparent medical devices. These variants allow for a precise visualization of patients’ anatomical structure, offering advanced applications in the field of medical imaging.


Through surface finishes, the material offers versatile options to customize the final appearance of the printed product.

Total transparency can be achieved, enhancing the crystal-clear clarity of the material.

Alternatively, one can opt for a translucent matte finish, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the object.

For those seeking an even more distinctive effect, a fascinating opalescent effect can be achieved. This option adds a touch of iridescence and originality to the printed model, further expanding creative possibilities.


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