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Rubber-like Resin

3D SLA Printing Material

This material is specifically developed for the production of flexible rubber-like models and offers several key features that make it ideal for various applications in the industrial world.

, la resina simil gomma è un materiale versatile che offre una combinazione di flessibilità, precisione e accuratezza, rendendola adatta per una vasta gamma di applicazioni, specialmente nella prototipazione di prodotti che richiedono caratteristiche simili alla gomma.

What is it?

Rubber-like resin is a versatile material that provides a combination of flexibility, precision, and accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in the prototyping of products that require rubber-like characteristics.


  • Smooth Surfaces: Rubber-like resin produces models with smooth surfaces, providing a aesthetically pleasing final result.
  • High Flexibility: The material is highly flexible, similar to rubber, allowing the creation of prototypes and models that require a certain level of flexibility.
  • High Resolution and Precision: The resin offers high resolution and precision during the printing process, ensuring accurate details in the models.
  • High Accuracy: Thanks to its advanced printing properties, rubber-like resin offers high accuracy in reproducing details.


Rubber-like resin finds applications in various areas, including:


  • Prototype Manufacturing: Ideal for creating prototypes of handles, gaskets, and functional parts that require rubber-like flexibility.
  • Ergonomic Testing: Used for making models intended for ergonomic testing, helping evaluate the ergonomics and comfort of products such as wearable devices.
  • Footwear: Suitable for prototyping footwear, allowing the production of models that replicate the flexibility of soles or other elastic components of shoes
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