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A closer look to 3D printing

Get a sample of our SLS 3D printing materials and finishes from Prosilas.

How to request the Kit-SLS ?

You can evaluate the quality of our materials or test the compatibility of our products.

Prosilas has been involved in 3D printing for over twenty years, using SLS technology in particular.

A selective laser sintering technology first used for rapid prototyping, which stands out today for its ability to produce finished parts in medium volumes.


  • Evaluate quality: you can touch the material and evaluate its quality during the design phase;
  • Test the compatibility of the material or finishes so that it is compatible with the purposes of the project;
  • Save money: free sampling allows you to get a small amount of material without having to buy it;
  • Compare different options to see which one is best suited to your project;
  • Get advice and support: in addition to the Kit-SLS Prosilas offers its advice based on its twenty-year know-how.

What does the SLS-Kit contain?

The Prosilas SLS-Kit contains samples of our materials and post-process treatments that we are able to provide.

SLS Materials


  • PA2200
  • PA12 ALU
  • PA12GF – Glass Filled Polyamide
  • PA2210FR – Flame Retardant
  • PA603CF – Carbon Fiber
  • TPU White & Black

Finishing on SLS Materials

All parts manufactured in Additive Manufacturing can receive post-process treatments for aesthetic and/or functional improvements. The most suitable treatments are chosen according to standards
that the product must meet.


  • Painting
  • Primer
  • Primer + Paint
  • Metal-like finishing
  • Coloring

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