Polyamide + Aluminium

SLS Material

What is alumide?

Alumide is a metallic gray Polyamide powder charged with aluminum. This material is characterized by its high stiffness, metallic appearance and good post-processing capabilities.

Finishing and post-process of ALumide

The finish of the surfaces of the components in Alumide (PA2200 with aluminum) can be improved by Micro Shot Peening.  This material can perform further post-process machining with chip removal (milling, drilling or turning).


Properties of Polyamide

The 3d printed parts produced using Alumide-based laser sintering additive technologies are characterized by excellent mechanical properties.

The use of this material allows you to create objects with:

  • excellent dimensional accuracy
  • balanced ratio of density and stiffness
  • good qualities of thermal conductivity
  • good workability


Applications of Alumide

Alumide is mainly used for the production of rigid parts with a metallic appearance as installation and tooling templates. It can be widely used for small productions or more simply for prototype or exhibition models that must have good properties of resistance to abrasion and heat dissipation.


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