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Innovative Applications in Industrial Tooling:

Custom Mounting Fixtures with PA12 ALU 3D printed

The tooling sector is undergoing a revolutionary transformation thanks to 3D printing technologies and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) additive manufacturing.

In particular, the combination of freeform design and advanced materials such as PA12 ALU loaded aluminum is enabling the efficient and innovative production of tailor-made equipment for the industrial sector

Freeform Design:

Freeform design represents a crucial step forward, allowing the production of custom parts on demand without the need to maintain a warehouse.

This flexibility is particularly advantageous for the production of dedicated tools for special processes or for complex assemblies.

SLS additive technologies enable the creation of strong and lightweight geometries in a short period, revolutionizing the way industrial tools are conceived and produced.

Practical Application – Assembly Guides:

A concrete example of this innovation can be found in the Prosilas facilities, where assembly guides have been produced using SLS technology.

These guides are crucial for centering and drilling on mechanical parts, enabling more precise and efficient production processes.

dime sls alumide pa12 stampa 3d

Companies can benefit from exceptionally strong and lightweight geometries, contributing to the improvement of efficiency and precision in production processes.

Prosilas remains at the forefront in this continually evolving sector, providing customized solutions through its expertise in the use of advanced materials and industrial 3D printing technologies.


PA12 ALU  loaded with aluminum, has established itself as one of the most utilized materials in the manufacturing industry for 3D printing.

Parts produced with SLS technology and PA12 ALU exhibit excellent mechanical performance, high rigidity, abrasion resistance, and good thermal dissipation.

The possibility of surface finishing treatments and post-processing CNC machining provides additional customization options.

Material Characteristics:

  • Good mechanical strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Good thermal dissipation
  • Possibility of surface finishing treatments and post-processing CNC machining