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Glass Filled Polyamide 

SLS Material

What is PA12 GF?

PA12 + Glass Filled is polyamide (PA) charged with glass. The parts produced with this material through SLS technologies are characterized by excellent mechanical properties.

Properties of Pa12 GF

What are the main features that makes PA12 GF an efficient and functional material?

  • high rigidity
  • high mechanical and wear resistance
  • good thermal load capacity
  • excellent surface resolution
  • high dimensional detail and accuracy
  • good workability
  • constant long-term behaviour


Applications of PA12 GF

An example of application of glass filled polyamide (PA12 GF) is in the automotive field.

This material also lends itself to the production of gripping pliers for manipulator robots, installation tools / templates or any other application that requires both good resistance to abrasion and a rather high deformation temperature.


Finishing and post-process of PA12 GF

The components made of glass-filled polyamide (PA12 GF), through SLS, have an excellent surface finish that can be improved through subsequent treatments.

A further finishing process can be painting, which can be done by spray or by impregnation.



Raw material

PA12GF with Primer

This treatment makes the surface of the part smooth and uniform, preparing the
part for a possible painting phase.

PA12GF Colored

Colouring is an automated treatment. The colour penetrates a few tenths of a millimetre. It does not alter the part dimensionally.

PA12GF Painted

We can paint the part according to the specifications provided by the customer
(type of finish and RAL)

PA12GF Primer + Paint

This treatment consists of two stages: first the primer is applied, which makes the surface of the part smooth, and then it is varnished according to the customer’s specifications.

PA12GF Datasheet Download
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