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NDA: The Value of Confidentiality Agreements at the Heart of a Trust Relationship Between Service Providers and Manufacturing Companies

Confidentiality Agreements, commonly known as NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), are legally significant in the manufacturing industry as they are designed to protect confidential and sensitive information.

NDA contracts are widely used in both the industrial and technological sectors, as well as in research and development, with the explicit goal of preventing the disclosure of sensitive data to third parties without the explicit consent of the information owner.

Vanna Menco, Ceo Prosilas

Managing Industrial Secrets at Prosilas

Prosilas works closely with companies, contributing to the development of projects intended to launch in the market within the next three years. In this context, safeguarding information plays a critical role.

Therefore, we provide support for both prototype component production and mass production, utilizing a comprehensive range of technologies, ranging from complex additive manufacturing and 3D printing methodologies to more traditional injection molding techniques.

Within the Prototal Industries group, we have privileged access to diverse technological resources, occasionally collaborating with external suppliers. This is precisely why it is crucial to extend confidentiality throughout the production chain when exchanging information with colleagues and partners.


Cybersecurity: Protecting Information Online

Information communication occurs through digital platforms or by transmitting files via email, emphasizing the relevance of cybersecurity issues.

In this regard, Prosilas consistently invests in enhancing its cybersecurity systems, ensuring adequate monitoring and protection of exchanged information.

Our staff also undergoes continuous specialized training to maintain high-level expertise in this field.

Dedicated Spaces: Protecting “Offline” Projects

Confidentiality is a fundamental pillar of our operations and is ensured through the use of NDAs. However, there are circumstances where a higher degree of secrecy is required. We have dedicated specific spaces within our laboratories, providing access exclusively to authorized personnel. Information security is an indisputable priority to preserve the trust and respect of our clients.


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