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Scanning & Analysis: Fundamental Stage in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are cutting-edge processes revolutionizing how we conceive and produce industrial components. One of the crucial stages in this innovative process is 3D scanning, a key element in ensuring the quality and compliance of the produced parts.

The Importance of Scanning and Analysis

3D scanning and analysis through specialized software are not merely tools for dimensional verification; they play a crucial role in identifying potential non-conformities. These may arise from behavioral variations in printing technologies or the characteristics of the materials used.

High-Resolution 3D Scanners

The 3D acquisition systems at Prosilas stand out for their exceptionally high resolution, capable of reconstructing details that escape the human eye.

This advanced technology, combined with the expertise of our professionals, allows us to ensure high-quality standards in all our productions

Reverse Engineering and Structured Light 3D Scanning

The use of structured light 3D scanning technology allows us to precisely capture geometries of both small and large dimensions with remarkable resolutions. These systems also empower us in the field of reverse engineering, enabling the acquisition of data from existing components and generating new designs.

Thanks to our qualified personnel, we can perform 3D scans on physical geometries, creating new mathematical foundations useful for advanced design or production through our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) additive technologies.

Scanner Gom per scansione 3d e reverse engineering per stampa 3d

Dimensional Control and Quality Certifications

At Prosilas, all processes of acquisition, analysis, and 3D printing are conducted internally following certified procedures. This ensures the highest quality standards in our productions.

Dimensional control is an integral part of this approach, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the produced components.

scansione 3D