Carbonmide / PA12 + Carbon fiber

Generality of Carbonmide

Carbonmide is a PA12 powder loaded with black carbon fibers. It stands out for its excellent rigidity and a maximized weight-resistance ratio. This key feature makes it perfect for designing strong and extremely rigid objects.

Finishing and post-process of Carbonmide

Surfaces in Carbonmide (carbon-filled PA12) can be sandblasted, chemical smoothed and dyed colored. The black color that derives from the powder reinforced with carbon fibers allows to obtain a detail that will be uniformly colored in all its volume.

Application of Carbonmide

Carbonmide is suitable for making components that will be subjected to strong mechanical stresses and for which the highest possible performance is required in the field of nylon powder sintering: prototypes, gear systems, articulated objects, but also medical or electronic elements. It is therefore a material that finds its best application in the field of aerodynamic components and for parts dedicated to use in motorsports.

Properties of Carbonmide

Carbonmide-based sintered parts possess excellent properties, in particular extreme stiffness, excellent strength and hardness, lightness and electrical conductivity.
Due to the orientation of the fibers, the mechanical properties vary in the three axial directions.