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Platform “Health and wellness”

At the start of the Innovative Technological Platform of the Marche region on diagnostic drugs and new therapeutic approaches: research centres and companies team up to develop the competitiveness of the regional production system.

The new collaborative platform in the field of personalized medicine, was presented on December 17 by the Councillor for Productive Activities of the Marche Region, Manuela Bora: diagnostic drugs and new therapeutic approaches in the presence of the local press and the partnership led by Prof. Mauro Magnani (University of Urbino), scientific coordinator of the platform “Health and Wellness”.

The program previews an investment of 10,3 million euros, supported with 5,4 million contributions Por Fesr of the Region Marche and a public-private partnership of excellence composed from ten companies of great and small dimensions (Angelini SpA, Diatheva Srl, Diatech Pharmacogenetics Srl, BiMind Srl, Gluos Srl, Mivell Srl, Pharmaprogress Srl, Prosilas Srl, Prosopika Srl, Recusol Srl) insieme all’Università degli Studi di Urbino, l’Università degli Studi di Camerino, the Polytechnic University of Marche and the Cluster Marche Foundation.

Also the University Hospital of Torrette di Ancona will be involved, as it participates in the investment program through the conferral, free of charge, of the land on which the Biobanca and the associated Laboratory will be set up.

Objectives of the Platform

The operation of the platform will facilitate the integration between the scientific and production system, the inclusion in the company of highly qualified personnel, the development of sustainable and sustainable collaborative networks. The expected significant increase in employment among researchers, technical specialists, young technologists.

The aim is to enhance and put in system the specialized skills present in the area through the creation of the first CrioBanca of the Marche that will be born outside the health facilities, which already use them for internal use. In this new will be stored samples from patients with rare diseases, oncology and all cell lines, available to universities, used for research purposes.

The platform will offer an integrated service for the research and internal use of biological samples. The platform also provides for the implementation of three research projects and one technology transfer.

It is a large collaborative research programme of strategic scope, which responds to the specific needs of the regional industrial system and the needs of the most innovative and fast-growing small enterprises: a great opportunity for the entrepreneurial fabric of Marche to equip itself with a cutting-edge platform.

In addition to Criobanca will be activated investment programs for new biological drugs, new molecular diagnostics and new pharmaceutical formulations aimed at personalizing therapies. The program also has the support of the European network of infrastructures BBMRI, Federfarma Marche, the Foundation of Molecular Medicine and Cellular Therapies of Ancona, Cryolab, associations of patients with rare diseases and/ or oncological AISA Marche, Parents Association Williams Syndrome, AIL Pesaro, Atassia Telangiectasia National Association and the Italian Group for the fight against Scleroderma.

From: “Al via la Piattaforma Tecnologica Innovativa marchigiana su farmaci diagnostici e nuovi approcci terapeutici: centri di ricerca e imprese fanno squadra per lo sviluppo della competitività del sistema produttivo regionale” Fondazione Cluster Marche, 14 gen. 2020

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