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SLS Materials

Materials for Selective Laser Sintering


PA12 Polyamid

It is the most used polymer in laser sintering and also constitutes the basic matrix of almost all other materials. It is a material with excellent mechanical and thermal performance and this makes it suitable for use in the production of functional parts.

It is biocompatible and FDA certified (food use).


Alumide – PA12 aluminium filled

It is a PA12 polyamide charged with aluminum particles. It adds greater stiffness to the mechanical characteristics of the polyamide. The presence of aluminum allows to dissipate more heat and a better yield for subsequent CNC machining.


Carbonmide – PA12 charged with carbon fibers

It is a PA12 polyamide charged with carbon fibers. It is a material with high mechanical performance, it is in great demand for its high resistance which allows it to be used for stressed components in the aerospace, motorsport and automotive. It has dielectric capacity thanks to the presence of carbon fibers.


PA12 glass filled

It is a PA12 polyamide filled with glass microspheres. Thanks to the glass filler inserted in the polyamide, it achieves greater rigidity while maintaining the properties of PA12 unaltered. The parts produced with this material have a better yield for subsequent CNC machining and excellent resistance to abrasion



TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a material with excellent elasticity and an exceptional elongation ratio, which guarantees flexibility, durability and resistance to tearing and abrasion. Its use is recommended for pipes and gaskets, for technical clothing and footwear, and for all those applications where it is necessary to have a material capable of replicating rubber.

PA12 Flame retardant

PA12 Flame Retardant is a polyamide with self-extinguishing capacity (halogen free).
V-0 for thicknesses greater than 2 mm. It is certified JAR 25 for the aviation sector and UL94 for the construction of components to be applied in electrical and electronic systems where self-extinguishing characteristics are required.

PA6 MF – Mineral Filled

PA6 MF is a minerally reinforced polyamide that offers mechanical performance and resistance to high temperatures superior to other polyamides for SLS technology.
HDT / A: 121 ° C
HDT / B: 209 ° C
The mineral reinforcement is “in-particle” that is directly in the particles of the material in order to have very homogeneous mechanical properties. Reference sectors: automotive, mechanical and any application that requires high performance.



Polypropylene offers excellent plasticity, high elongation and great shock absorption capacity, low moisture absorption and long life. Polypropylene for SLS is resistant to most acids and has a slightly translucent appearance. The fields of application vary widely from automotive, electrical, sports components to health and orthopedic products.


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