Rapid prototyping

It is possible to get items quickly even the ones with a complex shape or with large dimensions, but also make small series of products.

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Our specialised technicians will be at your disposal from the design phase to the production one in order to give you information and technical advice.

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Send us the 3D file of your product (allowed formats: .stp/.iges/.stl) and we will promptly reply with a sales quote for the realisation of your project.


The Selective Laser Sintering is our key printing technology. Thanks to SLS, it is possible to obtain high-performance prototypes, with functional characteristics similar to the final material for assembly checking, for size and shape tests. It is a technique of Rapid Prototyping based on the use of powders of materials sintered by using a laser beam. According to the selected material (Alumide, Polyamide, Glass-filled polyamide, Carbonmide or Rubber-like), it is possible to obtain items that can offer mechanical performances or items that are simple models.

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The SLA printing is used for all these projects that need high precision. Thanks to this printing technology, it is possible to produce complex shapes in a high level of transparency.

The stereolithography uses a UV laser that polymerises the liquid photosensitive resin, layer by layer. It follows a bottom-up strategy, which means that the part is printed from bottom to top, and it is a really good technique for parts with details.

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We offer colouring and metal plating services. Our solution for the colouring involves the best process currently on the market and is specially optimized for the parts produced by powder sintering. It is not a superficial painting, the colour gets tangibly inside the piece, giving back a uniformly coloured item throughout all its volume. The lack of application on a superficial level guarantees a dimensional accuracy that is not achievable through any other kind of painting or colouring. This is a particularly essential characteristics for small parts where the layer of paint can be very important. The colouring ensures that the items will have a better superficial finish, is resisting to UV rays, is sustainable and doesn't scratch. Moreover, the parts can be made waterproof too.

The metal plating technology used, which is an additive one, consists in depositing a metallic layer on the sintered part in an electrolytic bath. The thickness of the layer can be of a few microns to several millimiters as preferred: If you want an aesthetic finish or a real hardening and strengthening of the plastic parts.

metal plating

We offer you different materials: Alumide, Polyamide, Glass-filled polyamide, Carbonmide and Rubber-like, as well as the materials for the Stereolithography.

Alumide: Metallic grey aluminium-filled polyamide 12 powder.
Polyamide: Excellent for the production of functional and design parts.
Glass-filled polyamide: Great stiffness combined with a good elongation at break.
Carbonmide: Black carbon-fibre filled polyamide 12 powder.
Rubber-like: Natural colour powder developed and optimized especially for laser sintering.

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