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Post process

Technologies for aesthetic and functional treatments

Post process


Post process treatments for aesthetic and functional improvements

All parts produced by Additive Manufacturing can receive various end-of-process treatments for aesthetic and / or functional improvements. Based on the performance that the 3D printed product must achieve, we can choose the most suitable and performing post-process treatment.



With this solution, the color penetrates inside the piece for a few tenths of a millimeter. This process does not alter the part dimensionally.

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Waterproofing
  • It can also penetrate into the hollow parts of the part
  • Scratch resistant
  • It doesn’t cover the details and it doesn’t add thickness
  • Keeps dimensions unchanged

Chemical smoothing


Treatment of the SLS part with chemical vapor which makes the surface smoother and more shiny

  • Waterproofing
  • Easy cleaning and washable
  • Bright surface
  • Compatible with food contact
  • Easy fluid sliding (internal treatment of tank and pipes)
  • Offers few fertile soil for germs and fungus (biomedical and food applications)
  • No residue of the treatment on the parts


Painting of the parts in various RAL and finishes, from opaque to metallic.
Available for SLS and SLA parts for both rigid and flexible materials.
Special finishes on request.

Metal plating

Deposit of a metal layer on the part made through a galvanic bath.

  • Improves conductivity
  • Suitable for SLS or SLA parts
  • Increases mechanical performance
  • Increases resistence to high temperatures

Micro-shot peening


The micro-shot peening is specific for parts produced in SLS polymer: it improves the surfaces by compacting the micro-pores and making them more regular.
Applicable on the natural part or combined with the coloring.


  • Impoves surface finish of the sintered parts
  • Delicate treatment
  • Does not alter the geometry of the printed parts
  • Matt gloss finishing

Surface and internal treatments


  • Waterproofing for liquid and vapours
  • Treatments for contact / resistance to fuels, solvents and acids
  • UV resistant treatments
  • Pigmented paints for food contact

Metal inserts

Application of metal inserts with metric threads on customer specifications.

Various types of inserts are also available for specific or non-standard needs



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