Post Process

Post Processing

Micro-shot peening

The automated micro-shot peening is specific for the parts produced in SLS polymer: it improves surfaces by compacting the micro porosities and making the surface smoother. The ideal solution to obtain an extra-smoothed finish.

Surface Painting

Through the surface painting, it is possible to colour any part made using SLS or SLA technology. To carry out the painting, simply provide the RAL of the desired colour.


It consists in applying some specific coatings on the surfaces of the product, differentiated according to the performance required. In this way, waterproof, weatherproof objects suitable for contact with liquids are obtained.

Post Process

Chemical smoothing

The products are subjected to a treatment with steam solutions. Thus treated, they have very smooth surfaces, the surface porosities are closed and the finish, punishable and aesthetics are improved. Hermetic containers can be made (also suitable for containing hydrocarbons).

Staining by impregnation

With this solution, the colour penetrates inside the part for a few tenths of a millimetre. This process does not alter the dimensional accuracy.

Metal plating

It involves the deposit of a metal layer on the part made through an electronic bath. The thickness of the layer can be a few microns down to the millimetre, depending on whether you want to obtain an aesthetic finish or a real hardening and reinforcement of the plastic parts.

Research and development on materials and processes;

Aesthetic and functional post-process treatments