Project Description


The Carbonmide is a black carbon-fibre filled polyamide 12 powder. It stands out for exceptional stiffness and a maximized strength-to-weight ratio. One key characteristic of this material is its light weight that makes it perfect for the design of resistant items with extreme stiffness but light at the same time


The sintered parts in Carbonmide have excellent properties, especially extreme stiffness, excellent strength and hardness, light weight and electrical conductivity. Due to the process related orientation of the fibres, the mechanical properties vary in the three axis directions.

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Primepart - Collaborazione Corso37


The finish of the surfaces of Carbonmide parts is quite rough. They can be sandblasted, but not polished. The black colour derives from the powder reinforced with carbon fibres, as a result the item is completely coloured.



The typical applications of the Carbonmide concerns all the parts that will be mechanically stressed: prototypes, gear systems, articulated items, but also medical and electronic items. It is a material really popular for aerodynamic components in motor sports.



Technical specifications

1040 Kg/m³
Traction module x
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
6100 Mpa
Traction module y
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
3400 Mpa
Traction module z
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
2200 Mpa
Resistance module x
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
72 N/mm²
Resistance module y
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
56 N/mm²
Resistance module z
DIN EN IS527-1/-2
25 N/mm²
Melting temperature
DIN EN IS527-1/-3
176 °C