Project Description


Prosilas not only offers already consolidated biomedical services, but it is working on the research and experimentation of biocompatible materials suitable for the cultivation of stem cells and the production of components implantable in the human body.

Polycaprolactone and Hydroxyapatite, jointly sintered in the right proportions, have allowed us to produce the scaffolds and stents used in the biomedical field.


Polycaprolaxtone is at the base of the project of scientific research in biomedical field of Prosilas. It is a biocompatible plastic and absorbable by the human body: it allows applications for the culture of stem cells aimed at the reconstruction or regeneration of tissues or organs. Its future implications may have consequences of considerable relevance from the medical-scientific point of view.


This material performs the dual function of increasing the bio-absorbability of the finished product (it is used as a charge of polycaprolactone) and of lubrication during production.