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SLA Materials

Materials for stereolitography


Transparent resin

The transparent resin used in stereolithography allows to create detailed prototypes with high surface quality.
Ideal applications: automotive lights, cover led, guiding lights, displays etc…

Through the surface finishes it is possible a total transparency or a transparent opaque finish or even an opal effect.


ABS-like resin

Simil-ABS resin is a multipurpose resin with a good cost-quality ratio. It is the right material when you need a prototype as close as possible to the final object


materiali-stereolitografia-alta temperatura

Resin resistant to high temperature

It is the right material to produce parts with high stiffness, high surface quality and that must resist to high temperatures.

With this resin it is possible to produce prototype moulds for injection moulding (ex. through a babyplast press)


Rubber-like resin

It is a black, flexible material that replicates the characteristics of common rubbers for injection moulding.


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