Selective Laser Sintering System


EOS P770

SLS printer with two lasers for the production of large parts and for industrial high-throughput manufacturing.

Prosilas is the first company in Italy that produces with the EOS P770, a next-generation 3D printer tested at the end of August 2017 that, with a building volume of over 150 liters (a record for the 3D technology), boasts a production capacity up to 20% higher than machines of the same category at equal quality.Thanks to the optimized temperature management, to the improved recoating speed and to the high-power lasers, the build time are significantly reduced. The improved digital scanners reach an unrivalled accuracy, allowing an overlap area with no visible edges.

EOS P396

System forlaser sintering for serial parts and functional prototypes production from polymer materials.

With an actual building volume of 300x300x600 mm, this highly productive system allows the manufacture of serial components, spare parts, functional prototypes and models directly from CAD data.It ensures a high productivity and homogeneous part properties.

The spot pyrometer accurately and continuously measures the temperature of the material layer to be exposed and allows an overall reduction of non-productive time down to 60%. With the low-wear, high-speed recoater, the material is applied faster with the same consistent precision, thus improving the build speed. Moreover, the powerful 70 W laser helps to boost the build rate.



Outstanding print quality and more definition

Formiga is our system for reliably producing small and delicate parts with the highest surface quality.

Stereolithography systems

DWS 029

DWS 029 is a stereolithographic 3D printer for the production of high precision parts.

His skills are a very high degree of detail, precision, smooth surfaces for precise production and high aesthetic value.
Thanks to the use of stereolithography technology, the highest resolution and highest precision required by the sector is obtained.

Reverse Engineering System

Scanner 3D Gom ATOS 5

certified quality control and reverse engineering

We make the meteorological control on our production with Gom ATOS 5 scanner,

Which offer us highly precise data, clarity and high-quality details of the 3D models.

Thanks to this highly professional instrument we are able to provide the meteorological control and obtain certified reports for the quality control on our production.

Furthermore, we offer the reverse engineering service.


Miscellaneous Quality Standard


• Dosage, refreshment, homogenisation and conditioning (humidification) of powder material
• Traceability of batches of powder
• Transport in the laser sintering system
• Conservation of the refreshed powder without contamination

The MQS (Miscellaneous Quality Standard) system allows us to keep the powder mixing constant and repeatable throughout the entire production process, for a guaranteed production and quality standard.

The MQS humidifies the powder in the mixing and qualification station through online control; it avoids the risk of dust contamination: the material remains in a protected environment at all times.