The biggest company in Italy in the field of laser sintering SLS.

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Since 2003, we have been working in the field of the additive manufacturing and, for years, we have been working with the leading companies of the automotive and the lighting industries and with large industrial, fashion, furniture and design companies, where our decades of experience and our constant desire for innovation and improvement, coupled with an excellent technology, provide the best benefits. […]Read more


Laser sintering SLS of plastic powders

The Selective Laser Sintering is our key printing technology. Thanks to SLS, it is possible to obtain high-performance prototypes, with functional characteristics similar to the final material for assembly checking, for size and shape tests.


Stereolithography SLA

Thanks to this printing technology, it is possible to produce complex shapes in a high level of transparency



Prosilas offers colouring and metal plating services in various colours and finishes. Our finishes are specifically developed and optimized for parts produced in laser sintering.



We offer you different materials with which we can produce your parts: Alumide, Polyamide, Glass-filled polyamide, Carbonmide, Flame-retardant polyamide and TPU, as well as the materials for the Stereolithography and for the Biomedical sector.

Send us the 3D file of your product (allowed formats: .stp/.iges/.stl) and we will promptly reply with a sales quote for the production complete with information and technical advice if needed.

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EOS P770: printing of large single-piece parts

The high performance additive manufacturing for industrial prototypes and final parts productions.

Prosilas is the first company in Italy that produces with the EOS P770, which has a production capacity up to 20% higher than machines of the same category at equal quality and has the largest building volume available on the 3D technology market. The goal: to be able to fill your orders more quickly and to print large prototypes too.


Effective building volume

large single-piece parts

Production of



volume available

on the SLS market

largest building

Up to 20%

more productive

The EOS P770, tested in the end of August 2017, is the latest addition to the Prosilas home and it’s the first of its category to be installed in Italy. We currently have eight SLS printers in our lab…


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