Our answer to the
Covid-19 emergency

Prosilas since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency has put itself at the service of the national health system, ready to fulfill the most varied requests, responding “just in time” and “on demand”.

We made ourselves available to produce spare parts for devices that are used in intensive care, from fans to adapters.

We have created functional elements for the realization of a flow meter with extreme urgency, a fundamental element to help breathing in patients infected by Covid-19. The project stems from a request from the Torrette hospital team and from the collaboration of Alessio Nerla, a metalworking engineer, who simplified and industrialized the project in order to use 3D printed elements. Thanks to this project, the hospital will now have the necessary materials.

We also printed 100 spare parts for the respirators of the hospitals in Lombardy.

“It is nice to hear that in times like these our work becomes something more important and that the relationships that are born in better times are strengthened. While waiting to embrace all of us, we fight the battle with our best weapons … collaboration, friendship and solidarity. “

Vanna Menco – CEO Prosilas Rapid Prototyping


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