Pioneers in additive manufacturing in Italy and specialists in laser sintering SLS, for years we have been working with the leading companies of the automotive and the lighting industries and with large industrial, fashion, furniture and design companies, where our decades of experience and our constant desire for innovation and improvement, coupled with an excellent technology, provide the best benefits

With a view to a process of continuous development and strengthening, aimed at satisfying customers’ needs, from 2003 we have been constantly working on the extension and on the evolution of our machine park so it can still keep up with the most advanced technologies and so we can always offer high-quality customised solutions. On August 28th, 2017, we completed the acceptance testing of our first EOS P770 that allows us to work in the field of single-piece prototyping with large dimensions too. The attention to detail is essential and that is why Prosilas monitors every stage of the production, up to the surface finish service.

Professionalism, attention to detail and reliability, together with the use of the best technologies and with the know-how acquired over the years are the qualities that make us the ideal partner for 3D rapid prototyping.

Besides highly professional intallations, Prosilas offers a wide range of materials: Alumide, Polyamide, Glass-filled polyamide, Carbonmide and Rubber-like. So you can choose the one that is more suitable to your production requirements.


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EOS P770

EOS P 770

Prosilas is the first company in Italy that produces with the EOS P770, a next-generation 3D printer tested at the end of August 2017 with a production capacity up to 20% higher than machines of the same category at equal quality and with the largest building volume available on the 3D technology market.

Effective building volume 700x380x580

Up to 20% more productive

Production of large single-piece parts

The largest building volume available on the SLS market

“An organization with a certified management system provides steadily products that are in accordance with the statutory and regulatory applicable requirements and aims at increasing the customer satisfaction.”

SLS Technology


The Selective Laser Sintering is our key printing technology. Thanks to SLS, it is possible to obtain high-performance prototypes, with functional characteristics similar to the final material for assembly checking, for size and shape tests, as well as the production of complex models. At the end of the processing, the Laser Sintering makes it possible to apply the desired finish. Prosilas offers you different materials with which we can produce your parts: Alumide, Polyamide, Glass-filled polyamide, Carbonmide and Rubber-like.

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